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  • Overview

    The Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC) Nutrition Manager/ Nutritional Health Coach (NHC) position is a dual multi-faceted position, which emphasizes employee/customer education, sales and promotion, community relationship building, and retail operations. As the store’s nutrition professional, the primary responsibility of the NHC position is to provide science-based nutrition education/training to the store crew, our customers and the community as a whole, which should drive store sales. The NHC is responsible for driving sales in the supplement department in general and the nutrient to know about specifically.


    Responsibilities outlined in the job description will be divided between the NHC’s primary location (Fort Collins, CO) and secondary location (Greeley, CO) as a 3:2 (3 days at primary location and 2 days at secondary location) split. To successfully support both store locations, some of the position responsibilities will occur through a rotational schedule as outlined below.   


    A. The Nutritional Health Coach functions as the professional nutrition education resource for customers, employees and community members providing information on dietary supplements, food quality, nutrition, and company differentiators; drives store sales through community outreach, employee education, and promotion of NHC services, products, and events; and is a vitamin aisle employee with the same job responsibilities as all vitamin aisle employees.

    B. Skills required:

    • Excellent public speaking skills
    • Confidence in front of an audience providing cooking demonstrations
    • Ability to engage customers and start conversations about products to drive sales
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Excellent organizational skills and priority management
    • Self-directed and able to maximize time management
    • Able to work well with a team and accept constructive feedback
    • Motivated to grow and develop knowledge and skills

    C. Nutrition Manager/Nutritional Health Coach Weekly Overview

    1. For the NHC to successfully complete all responsibilities outlined in the job description the schedule requires a 40-hour workweek.

    a. Two days working in the vitamin aisles (one day at each location).

    b. Two days off the sales floor (at the primary location)

    Day one: a rotational schedule used for offering in-store customer classes, conducting outreach, offering private coaching sessions with customers, conducting Employee education, health and tasting fairs, in-reach events, Outreach Classes (promoting both locations).

    Day two: designated as the Office Day: Community Relationship Building—seeking outreach opportunities for both locations; Developing and implementing local store marketing strategies to promote the in-store customer nutrition and recipe demonstrations as well as other instore events for both locations; continued education (1 hour per week), attending NHC meetings and regional calls and preparing for all classes and outreach).

    * The designated time allotted for Community Relationship Building and developing Outreach opportunities is 2-4 hours per week. 

    c. One day off the floor (secondary location)

    Off the Floor Duties: A rotational schedule (offering the Employee good4U News trainings, In-store Customer Classes, in-reach events and/or outreach, and continued education reading (1 hour per week).





     A. Educate employees and customers about nutrition, all products, and optimal health/healthy living with the intention of supporting store sales.

    1. Conduct the nutrition education portion of the good4u Crew meeting
    2. Create and maintain an employee “Glad You Asked” question center.
    3. Prepare for and present in-store customer nutrition education classes.
    4. Prepare for and conduct outreach presentations.

    B. Conduct Sit-Down/In-Store Nutritional Health Coaching Sessions (at primary location only)

    C. Build relationships with community partners by spreading awareness of Natural Grocer’s store services. This includes:

    1. Seeking outreach presentation opportunities
    2. Establishing relationships with practitioners who recommend supplements and coaching services to their clients
    3. Promoting in-store classes and events outside of the store or on external websites
    4. Researching and contacting potential groups to use the store’s meeting space
    5. Researching and contacting potential guest presenters

    D. Stay current with Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage NHC materials as a means of continued education.

    1. Read and study the material provided by the Nutrition Education Department such as Health Hotline training material, NHC FYIs, NED bulletin and newsletters, in-store class material, continuing education, etc.
    2. Follow directions for assigned health supportive statement homework.

    E. Participate in Regional NHC conference calls.

    F. Attend Nutritional Health Coach Meetings for ongoing training and education.

    G. Conduct Book Club discussion group for customers and employees. This is an optional responsibility.



    A. Lead the development and implementation of the store’s Nutrient to Know About strategies.

    B. Take an active leadership role in the planning and execution of store sales promotions, Natural Grocer’s Employee Wellness Challenges, and other initiatives coordinated by the Home Office.

    C. Maintain and oversee the Political Campaign Center.

    D. Maintain the Customer Literature File Cabinet.

    E. Assist the Vitamin Manager with ordering books by maintaining the book department inventory, appearance, and reference books.

    F. Assist with creating product displays (for events, featured books, and company sales focuses).

    G. Work with the grocery and vitamin managers to make sure the items that you recommend are consistently stocked. Maintain a written list and give the list to the appropriate department managers.

    H. Coach staff on using health supportive statements when engaging with customers.

    I. Keep staff informed on talking points related to upcoming events, classes, promotions, and company initiatives.

    J. Conduct new employee NHC Meet & Greets



    A. Vitamin aisle duties are split between two locations.

    a. One day per week is spent in the vitamin aisles at each location

    B. Customer service is the primary responsibility of every employee. NHCs are considered key vitamin aisle employees, as a nutrition resource for customers as well as employees. While the NHC is considered a key vitamin aisle employee, he or she should be prepared to assist customers in any section/department of the store and may be assigned to work in other departments as needed.

    1. Greet customers as you work in the vitamin aisle.
    2. Serve as the store’s primary source of nutrition information.
    3. Help customers find products.
    4. Answer customer questions.
    5. Answer the phone.
    6. Take special orders.
    7. Educate customers and help them make informed choices.
    8. Engage in conversations with customers to promote sales and events.
    9. Promote the Nutrient to Know About with customers.
    10. Promote NHC classes and other store events and promotions to customers.

    C. Serve as Event Ambassador as assigned by store manager.

    D. Other vitamin aisle duties: the Vitamin Manager will provide the NHC with daily tasks when the NHC is scheduled for floor duty:

    1. Stock/Back stock.
    2. Face product.
    3. Check product expiration dates.
    4. Store cleaning.

    E. Front End work. All employees are responsible for supporting cashiers and making sure customers are processed through in a timely manner. Keep in mind this is a very important aspect of customer service.

    1. Be prepared to help with bagging assistance, assisting customers to their car, and cart checks when needed.
    2. NHCs should use this opportunity to be a role model to other employees on how to effectively promote in-store events and their NHC services.







    Example Schedule

    Primary Location (3 days per week)

    Secondary Location (2 days per week)

    Floor Day—Vitamin Aisle

    Floor Day—Vitamin Aisle

    Off Floor Day

    ·         Coaching sessions (3-4 sessions every other week--max 8 per month)

    ·         Employee education: good4U News/HH training (10x per year), Glad You Asked board, etc.

    ·         Customer Class (1 every other month—alternate locations)

    ·         Prep for coaching, classes, employee education, and outreach/in-reach (3x per month— seek outreach for both locations)

    ·         Instore fairs (optional)

    ·         1 hour of reading per week

    ·         8 hours CE per year

    ·         NHC Meeting

    ·         NHC Regional Call

    Off Floor Day

    ·         Employee good4U News/HH training (10x per year)

    ·         In-reach Customer Class (1 every other month—alternate locations)

    ·         Prep for outreach, inreach, classes, and employee education.

    ·         1 hour of reading per week

    ·         8 hours CE per year

    Off Floor Day

    ·         Community Relationship building (for both locations)

    ·         Outreach Classes (3 per month)

    ·         Facebook/social media maintenance for both locations















































    A. The Store Manager

    1. Responsible for assigning duties to support the needs of the store.
    2. Responsible for creating a set schedule that must remain the same week-to-week.
    3. Responsible for performance evaluations and raise evaluations.
    4. The store manager at the secondary location is responsible for overseeing the NHC when the NHC is working at his or her location

    B. The NHC Regional Manager

    1. Responsible for coordinating NHC training on-going position support and training, and evaluations.
    2. Provides input to Store Manager for performance evaluations and raise evaluations.
    3. If a store is not assigned an NHC Regional Manager, an NED representative will provide ongoing support to the NHC and will complete the NHC’s annual, Health Hotline employee training, and coaching evaluations.

    C. The overall supervisor of the NHC Program is the Executive Vice President of Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage.

    a. Responsible for defining the parameters of the position and defining the direction of the NHC Program.

    b. Will provide input to the Store Manager and NHC Regional Manager about performance for evaluation purposes.



    1. A professional position is never static. The nutrition field is a dynamic one, with new information constantly coming to light. NHCs must stay current with nutrition research, nutrition information and new developments in the field. This is in addition to the education provided by the company. NHCs must complete 16 hours of Continuing Education (CE) time on the clock each year. Opportunities for CE include reading, attending seminars, listening to recommended podcasts, webinars, and networking with other nutrition professionals.
    2. If an NHC’s degree and/or certification require continuing education to maintain the degree and/or certification, then the NHC must fulfill those requirements.



    1. NHCs are to be professional at all times and provide appropriate leadership for the staff and the store.
    2. NHCs are responsible for driving store sales and promotions through employee and customer education.
    3. Leader effectiveness requires treating people decently while at the same time successfully motivating them toward high performance in their work.
    4. Positive and calm communication with staff and customers is expected at all times.
    5. Show the highest level of respect and integrity in day-to-day actions in the store with both employees and customers.
    6. Do the job in a consistent, calm, and positive manner. Present an unflappable demeanor to other employees and to the customers at all times. It is never appropriate for NHCs to yell or express frustration on the sales floor or to yell at an employee or a customer.
    7. As a professional member of the staff of the store, NHCs are a representative of Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage to our employees and our customers; we expect NHCs to represent Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage as a just, fair, respectful, caring, compassionate, and honorable company to work for and shop with. This can only be done if the NHC demonstrates the highest level of integrity, responsibility, and excellence.




    A. NHCs are required to have a degree/certification in nutrition or a related field (e.g., dietetics, Bachelors of Science or Masters in biology, biochemistry, naturopathy) from a college or university accredited by a regional and/or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as reliable, or from a college or university accredited by the Canadian government. Additionally, the school must have higher education approval from the state commission.

    B. Proof of education must be submitted at time of application. Continuing education, if required to maintain degree/certification, must be fulfilled throughout tenure of employment. Proof of maintenance of degree/certification must be submitted as necessary.

    C. NHCs must be able to obtain and maintain liability insurance.



    1. Must have the ability to lift 50 lbs, repetitive lifting up to 30 lbs.
    2. Must be able to carry up to 50 lbs.
    3. Requires the use of both arms and both hands with full range of motion.
    4. Must be able to bend at the waist and knees, twist, push and pull on occasional basis
    5. Must be able to kneel, squat, and climb as needed
    6. Must be able to reach overhead and away from the body
    7. Must be able to stand for at least 90% of the time
    8. Must be able to walk for at least 90% of the time



    1. Nutritional Health Coaches must have a reliable vehicle that can be used to travel in their metro area to participate in community outreach events and community relationship building initiatives.


    Although this is a general outline of job responsibilities all employees are expected to be “hands on” and do whatever it takes to get the job done and make the company thrive.


    This job description is not an employment contract; it does not guarantee you a job or guarantee that the above listed duties are the limit of your responsibilities. Your job and job description are subject to change with and without notice, and you are required to accomplish any and all tasks assigned to you by your store manager or other corporate supervisors that may not be listed in this job description.


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