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Nutrition Education Specialist

Nutrition Education Specialist

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The Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC) Nutrition Education Specialist (NES) position is fundamental for providing ongoing evidence-based nutrition education/training to the Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs), store employees, the customers, and the community as a whole. In addition, the NES provides NGVC NHCs with a professional resource for nutrition information while promoting a positive and preventive vision of healthcare and becomes an educational link for NGVC employees to keep them informed about nutrition and store products.


At the direction of the Nutrition Education Specialist Supervisor:

  • Create Employee Education materials (e.g., Health Hotline Trainings)
  • Partner with the Video Education Training Department
  • Conduct employee Health Hotline (HH) trainings at the Home Office and Distribution Center
  • Create a curriculum for the Nutrition Health Coach (NHC) training along with a study and testing guide.
  • Coordinate on-going education and trainings for all NHCs
  • Create and edit the Customer Education Classes used by the NHCs
  • Create handouts for NHC classes
  • Train NHCs on presenting materials (classes and demonstrations)
  • Write Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents for all newly created classes
  • Seek continuing education courses NHCs can attend for CE credit; update list
  • Create and update Nutrition Coaching Documents and other NGVC educational materials.
  • Participate in outreach, provide community lectures and media interviews as requested.
  • Review Health Hotline articles to add to the Customer Literature Files (CLFs);  Update CLFs and write new CLFs as needed
  • Additional projects may be assigned on an as needed basis by the NED (e.g., writes articles for the Natural Grocers website blog; develops NHC cooking demonstrations; participate in recipe development and testing for a menu planning and web based recipe generator on the NGVC website; Research political topics that affect the industry and create documents for the Political Podium; research product ingredients and quality control topics for the purchasing department; etc.).


  • We expect the NES to be professional at all times and provide appropriate leadership for the NHCs, home office employees, and the customers.
  • Leader effectiveness requires treating people decently while at the same time successfully motivating them toward high performance in their work. One without the other doesn't work.
  • Positive and calm communication with staff and customers is expected at all times.
  • Show the highest level of respect and integrity in your day-to-day actions in the store with NHCs, employees, and customers.
  • Perform the job in a consistent, calm and positive manner. 



  • The NES is required to have a degree/certification in nutrition or a related field (e.g., dietetics, masters in biology, masters in biochemistry, naturopathy) from a college or university accredited by a regional and/or national accrediting
  • Proof of education must be submitted at time of application. Continuing education, if required to maintain degree/certification, must be fulfilled throughout tenure of employment. Proof of maintenance of degree/certification must be submitted as necessary.
  • The NES must be able to obtain and maintain liability insurance
  • The NES must have achieved excellence in all areas of the NHC position and be eligible for advancement.
  • The NES must have excellent computer skills (proficient in Word, and Xcel; and some experience with Publisher and PowerPoint)
  • The NES must have good communication skills, good time management skills, and good organizational skills.


  • If the NES's degree and/or certification requires continuing education to maintain the degree and/or certification, then the NES must fulfill those requirements.
  • If the degree and/or certification do not require CEC, the NES must maintain 16 Continuing Education (CE) Hours (or two CE units) per year.


  • Requires the use of both arms and both hands with full range of motion.
  • Must be able to bend at the waist and knees, twist, push and pull on occasional basis
  • Must be able to kneel, squat, and climb as needed
  • Must be able to reach overhead and away from the body

This job description is not an employment contract; it does not guarantee you a job or guarantee that the above listed duties are the limit of your responsibilities. Your job and job description are subject to change with and without notice, and you are required to accomplish any and all tasks assigned to you by your store manager or other corporate supervisors that may not be listed in this job description.


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